A Multi-Billion Dollar Fashion Trend that U.S. Businesses Can Cash in on Now

Modest fashion- two words once thought to be oxymoronic- is, in fact, a trending segment of the clothing industry that retailers are not fully exploiting, claims Aaron Weiner, founder of Two 12 Fashion. Weiner has been bringing modest fashion to women around the globe for close to five years and is convinced that trendy, modern and modest fashion is a new recipe for success and growth.

Why You MUST HAVE These 12 Things This Season

A little embellishment can go a long way in upping your fashion game, and this Fall, trends are leaning towards the more-is-more approach. The more sparkly and feathery, the better!

An extremely wearable way to add some of that feathery and sparkly vavoom to your outfits is with the belts of Two 12 Fashion, located in Lakewood NJ. Two12Fashion specializes in Jewish modest fashion. They have so many gorgeous belts to choose from: Rhinestone, metallic, gold, feathered, beaded, and even fur. Adding Two 12 Fashion belts are such a fun way of glamming up your outfits.

How to be “ModestlyHot” When It’s Hot! 5 Tips to Dressing Modestly in the Summer!

ModestlyHot PRO Tip: Stand out from the rest by adding a pop of color with a fabulous statement necklace! Belts are also a great accessory for added color, and to cinch that waist!

Two 12 fashion

Two 12 Fashion sent me this gorgeous skirt and wrap belt for a collaboration. I normally am not a tea length skirt girl but the luxe material and dark watercolor print are too pretty to pass up!


Need to spruce up your personal style? The EASIEST way to add some flare to your look is with accessories. Need some inspiration? We all do sometimes so we have put together a few looks that we jazzed up with one of our favorite accessories, the belt!

Black, White Striped Midi Skirt Outfit Featuring Two 12 Fashion

You guys this belt was made for me!!!! Aaah!!! Its gold,AND it has a bow !! What more could you ask for?!? I can see this belt with almost everything I wear! Gold metal bar belts are pretty awesome but that bow just makes it that much more glam!

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